Jitters revisited

Liebe Frau Bax,
Ihre Unterlagen und unser Telefonat haben uns von Ihnen und Ihren Qualitäten überzeugt.
Ich freue mich, Ihnen daher heute mitteilen zu können, dass wir Ihnen gerne die Praktikumsstelle anbieten möchten.
Bitte geben Sie mir doch kurz Rückmeldung, ob Sie weiterhin Interesse haben und das Praktikum bei uns antreten möchten.
Vielen Dank!

It’s really happening. My year abroad starts (somehow) today…  scary stuff. I’ve just received the contract in the mail, along with this wonderful email which has managed to delete all of my worries present for the next term. Job interviews, phonecalls, CVs, emails, panic, all of this is now not my problem as I can spend my days daydreaming about when I’ll be in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, between the beautiful France and Switzerland, and no longer on an island which feels so distant from home.. which, too, plays its part in making me so excited.


I’ll be working for Ernst Klett Verlag, a publishing company which works mainly in publishing schoolbooks and which has its headquarters in Stuttgart. Of course, at the moment, there isn’t much to say other than the fact that I’m now in the process of sorting out accomodation, insurance, and all that jazz. There’s a lot to do, in fact. I need insurance, a mobile number, a bank account, a house to live in and an understanding of the basic parts of my contract. I need to organise my storage for the UK until I come back in the oh-so distant autumn of 2016, and… you get it, don’t you. A lot on my plate, really. But for the moment I’m just brushing this aside and thinking about whether I’ll suit a dirndl and will ever manage to get used to the astounding amounts of quark eaten in Deutschland.

The Klett Haus building, where I'll be working, in central Stuttgart

The Klett Haus building, where I’ll be working, in central Stuttgart

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