21 questions {before I hit 21}

  1. Home is…?  I couldn’t really answer entirely and only in relation to my year abroad to this question! Home is Oxford, St Hilda’s College; home is Florence, in Italy, and my huge bed which I miss more than any other part of the house,  home is my old house down South in Puglia, where I grew up, and Cozze, the place I was a toddler and I loved to put logs in the fire, home is the houses in London where my cousins and I played as kids… and home is also, now, in some way, my postcard-covered little bedroom in Stuttgart-Ost, with its missing wooden panel in a corner and piles of books.


2. Building you’d like to buy? Oooh..the Neue Schloss. neues_schloss_stuttgart_by_hibidaking-d49qbyf

3. Best meal? Sultan Saray’s artichoke and goats cheese balls are the bomb.  Goat-Cheese-Quinoa-Turkey-Balls-33

4. Best value for money meal? I love the 3 for 5 euros sushi wraps from Sushi Wrap in the Hauptbahnhof.  I also like mythos & monello, a deli chain specialising in Greek and Italian food. So much olive choice… 


5. Favourite place to shop? I like Idee, a stationery and paper shop. Nanu Nana is also gimmicky and fun for presents, as is Depot.


6. First thing you do when you arrive? Walk down the Königstraße and take a nice look at Schloßplatz.


7. Best drinking spot? I haven’t actually gone anywhere for a drink yet so stay tuned.

8. Best first date location? I weirdly love the Aurora building on Bolzaner Ecke, where the cinema is.. I think it’s a Liberty building. Only bad thing about it is it includes a bridal dress shop, so you may look far too keen…  although I think the absolute best romantic spot in Stuttgart has to be the beautiful Grabkapelle.  The chapel overlooks the Neckar Valley. King Wilhelm purposely chose this  location on the site of the former family residence of the dukes of Württemberg, and it was one of Queen Katharina’s favourite places. “Love never dies” is carved upon the chapel entrance..



9. Earliest Germany memory?  Getting to Munich, 27 August 2015, and being extremely scared to even board the final train, after a very long journey … I hadn’t even got to Stuttgart yet!

10. Favourite discovery? The Markthalle! I’m sorry but it beats the Covered Market by far, it’s gorgeous, and the top floor with all the beautiful furniture and bedding sections is dreamy.


11. Best cultural spot? I loved the Staatsgalerie, and Munich’s Peterskirche tower when I went there for a weekend was gorgeous.


12. Favourite club? Not been out, don’t really plan to anytime soon …

13. Best place to end a night out? In bed.


14. What would you do if you were Mayor for a day? I would change the bus stops for the 40 line so you wouldn’t risk being squished to death when getting off at the HB. Also, a rat murder operation. I see tails flicking about near the HB entrance and it freaks me out…

15. Building you’d like to be locked in overnight? Definitely not my office which has long long dark corridors.. I think it would be quite fun to be locked into the Wittwer shop on Königstraße.


16. Best time of year to visit? Christmas!! It’s all twinkly and magical with the Christmas markets and you can smell ginger and mulled wine all through town.


17. Thing you’d miss the most if you left? Speaking German, the U-Bahn going uphill towards the Fernsehturm, and probably just the general feel of the city. I’m discovering how much more there is to do than I thought. I want to try and fully live it!

18. Best way to get from A to B? COACH: all the coaches are so cheap here, and they have wifi and free films onboard. I’m paying as little as 10 euros for a coach to and from a destination outside my region, like Mainz. However I love the fact Stuttgart has an airport nearby which is pretty efficient, and I flew from there to London and Paris, and loved it. Next stop, Berlin (not taking a 10 coach there however cheap it may be, sorry). Here’s a pic of the airport at 6 am the morning I flew to Leipzig.


19. Best view? The view from the front of the office onto the gorgeous Johanneskirche and the Feuersee, without doubt.


20.Who’s your local hero? My neighbour: climbed through my window when I was locked out of it and saved my evening.

21. What’s next on your list? A weekend in Bonn and Cologne – next weekend, in fact , and to make the most of my time.

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