About Carolina


This is me in Heidelberg, on the Alte Brücke, in September 2015. 

Pleased to meet you, reader, and welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll find it a funny, thought-inducing or interesting read.

So a little about me – I’m 22 years old, and I just graduated from Oxford University, where I studied German and Italian literature, with a focus on the 20th century for both languages. Leaving has left a bit of hole in my life – it was intense and wonderful all at once, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even if it was often far from easy.  Literature is the thing I love the most, and it has been a real joy to get the chance to do nothing but that for four years.

Now that Oxford is over, I’m supposedly an adult. Adults do things like knowing what’s in store for them in the future and never losing their house keys and knowing what RPI is, all things I am fairly bad at. I’m trying to improve, though, and have made good improvement with regards to the first of that list: I’ve got a place at law school in London and am interested in a legal career, particularly in the field of human rights. I do love writing, though, and it took a while to come to a decision that didn’t involve writing as a career option – hence this blog and my interest in journals/literary reviews and my involvement in pitching articles and so forth. You can have it all.

This blog started out as a way of recording my year abroad adventures, but it turned into something bigger almost without my noticing. Along with those adventures, this blog is now about literature, poetry, music, personal ponderings, and sometimes short fictional pieces. It’s full of life snippets. Everything features, nothing’s out of place. It couldn’t be, really.  If you are interested in one thing specifically, you can search amongst tags for whatever sparks your interest the most.


I really love meeting new people, so you can trust I’ll be keen to read whatever you have to say to me. Drop me a line at carolinafbax@gmail.com if you ever do want to contact me.

P.S. For any Myers-Briggs types enthusiasts, I’m an ENFP (dominating traits are extraversion, intuition, feeling, and perception).

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