About Carolina


Hello reader, welcome to my blog.

I hope you’ll find it a funny, thought-inducing or interesting read. I tend to vaguely overestimate what other people find interesting.

So a little about me – I’m 21 years old, which is terrifying, and I study Modern Languages at the University of Oxford; I’m in my third year there, and therefore currently on my year abroad.

If you’re interested in what I enjoy studying the most, I’d say it is without doubt 20th century literature for both of my languages (German and Italian). I am currently studying Christa Wolf and Elfriede Jelinek, and my dissertation will be on Eugenio Montale’s poetry. Other than that I do a whole variety of texts spanning the 19th and 20th century. In final year, I will start the (literal) hell that is Dante’s Divine Comedy and finishing my German modules by studying Post 45 Poetry.

Poetry and literature, my year abroad adventures, music recommendations and the occasional reblog or pasted article all feature here – I like to think of this as a non monothematic blog. If you are interested in one thing specifically, you can search amongst tags for something which sparks your interest.

I am also interested in issues that affect me and my family directly, bilingualism and autism awareness in particular (Simon Baron-Cohen, if you are reading this, I’m the girl that stopped you in Cambridge utterly starstruck – I think you were merely trying to cycle away from me but I more or less blocked you).

You can contact me by emailing me at carolinafbax@gmail.com.

I love meeting new people, so you can trust I’ll be keen to read whatever you have to say to me.

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