Who is Carolina?


My name is Carolina, I am 22 years old, and I write this blog for the pure joy of it.

I grew up in Mola di Bari, in the South of Italy, and moved to Florence aged 13. In October 2013, I moved to the UK to read German and Italian literature at Oxford University.

MOLA (here)

04-arno-river-florence-944x450 (and then here)

background-skoll2 (and finally here)

A lot of people are confused by my surname and by the way I speak. Whilst I am 100% Italian technically, I consider myself Angloitalian: my mother is a Londoner, whilst my father is Italian to the point he can’t speak English (although loves to talk about the English language course he attended in 1986). I’m the eldest of three, and both my brothers are taller than me and with longer eyelashes. Life is thoroughly unfair.

Next year, I’ll be moving to London. This will involve converting to law for a year, and another year in education, the precise course depending on what kind of area I want to work in. Nine year old me would be in awe of this ankle-boot-wearing and London-based adult (!) I have become, as I’ve been boring everyone ever since I learned how to talk with rambles about how much I wanted to live there (hopefully I’ll keep the same outlook next year).

I have strong feelings about many things: soggy food, artichokes, DIE ZEIT, and Faber&Faber’s book covers, for instance.  Ultimately, though, what I like about myself is the fact that I am a good friend, the way I can laugh at myself, and how passionate I am things I care about (especially literature!).


You can send me fanmail, review requests, complaints, feedback, and absolutely anything else you might want to at carolinafbax@gmail.com. I’m always really happy to answer questions about life at Oxford or the modern languages course, or studying here as an Italian, or any intersections of the above.

It means the world to me that you are on my blog right now and interested enough to read a bit more about me, so thank you for getting to the end of this!


C xxx


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