Chicken soup for the tormented soul: a music remedy for trials and tears

There’s nothing as great as Spotify’s “private session” function. You can indulge in all the tunes you normally pretend to hate (cough, cough, One Direction), put on a cleaning playlist, an embarassingly soppy film soundtrack – the options are endless.

There are reasons that are far from embarassing to make use of this function, though. I had a Spotify playlist this year that was called “if you need to cry”. I had many a reason to listen to it frequently, Continue reading

A music questionnaire

Just for fun.

Your favourite song  

I have always loved this song, ever since I watched Juno. But I didn’t realise how much better the Bowie version was compared to Mott the Hoople until a couple of years ago – it always cheers me up.


Your least favourite song Continue reading