Meeting Seattle’s “senior nomads” in Florence

Airbnb hopping around the world

Imagine leaving your hometown, selling your belongings, and setting out on a never-ending adventure around the globe, with no end in sight to your travels. It sounds like the stuff of dreams, but it is what ordinary life looks like for Michael and Debbie Campbell, the self-dubbed “Senior Nomads” from Seattle.


They have been travelling the world since Summer 2013, having retired, sold their car and sailboat, reduced their possessionsand they are staying in Airbnbs each time to feel like locals and get a feel of every place they choose to visit.  Continue reading

A “moveable (and disorientating) feast” – a chronicle on la Ville Lumière

Paris, Paris, Paris. Dates that sat in my head for months on end after a hasty Airfrance booking made at the end of October, calendars with dates being ticked off, conversations, Facetimes, Messenger calls had with a long-suffering David (I say conversations: best to define them as panicked rants)  Continue reading