Things I have written


I try to write as much as I can outside of this blog too (sometimes a challenge given I spend more time writing essays than sleeping), out of enjoyment and because I find it gives me a buzz to know what’s going on around the world / town / university and chip in with my on voice.

I write for student newspapers when in Oxford, and was sub-editor of the Comment/Opinion section in my second year at university. I like writing for the Buzzfeed community section on various topics (mainly silly lists), whether following the traditional Buzzfeed list-scheme or in the form of longer texts.  I occasionally contribute to the girls’ online magazine I AM THAT GIRL.  I also write poetry, but that’s mainly published in this blog or stored away in my journals. I’ve just finished an internship with local bilingual paper The Florentine, too!

I hope you enjoy. Any advice or requests for writing always appreciated.